Our Story

Because the best things are found in the most unlikely of places.

Macassar Pottery's journey started in 2012 when we won the UnLtd SA entrepreneurship award. We discovered the field of social entrepreneurship and decided it was time to fix South Africa, one youth at a time.

A few more milestones later, we have grown to the extent that we now supply a variety of items to national retailers in South Africa. Our tourist experience was the first in our community and has helped to connect Macassar to the broader tourism community.

At heart, though, we are all just people who believe that it is possible to create something out of nothing. Each piece of clay can be molded into a masterpiece. And every human can grow to greatness, given the chance.

Associates & Staff

Anouscha Botha

Denton Pieterse

John-Ross Lendor

Gerhard Roberts

Lincoln Jooste

McKay Bailey

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