The creative home of young changemakers

For the love of youth

As a self-sustaining and employee-owned social enterprise, Macassar Pottery is helping to break this isolation by providing a business ecosystem for un-schooled youth to discover and follow their dreams.

After all, the clay process teaches us that mud can turn into music; that dirt can become dinnerware; that with a little bit of effort, we can create beauty in unexpected ways. 

A commitment to excellence

Macassar Pottery is committed to on-time and on-quality production as part of our design-to-delivery service. 

At the same time, we are committed to use every part of our business ecosystem to encourage our stakeholders to grow and become the best version of themselves that they can be.

Stories in clay

Macassar has a rich history of changemakers who worked to build a community where everybody is welcome.

The youngsters of Macassar are ready to build on this legacy. They tell their stories through our ranges, as all our designs are based on the work of students in our community classes.

I want to be my community's Mandela

Real, visible social impact.

Young people do not need more hand-outs, platitudes, or training that is not connected to employment outcomes. 

This is why our employees are co-owners of our company. By sharing in profits and benefitting from a wide range of training interventions, we believe we are shifting the narrative around youth in South Africa. 

Given the right kind of support, every one of us can carve out a better future, one ball of clay at a time.

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A commitment to excellence

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